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The European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics (ESAO) was established in 2013 to provide resources and support to GDPs who practice aesthetic orthodontics, as well as promoting the safe and ethical delivery of these treatments.

The ESAO is committed to raising standards in aesthetic orthodontic provision by general dentists, and provides impartial and unbiased courses, training, study clubs and online resources. The society also aims to raise public awareness of aesthetic orthodontics as a valid alternative to invasive and potentially damaging restorative techniques.

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Member Benefits

  • Access to resources, support and advice
  • ESAO Informed Consent Pack
  • ESAO Assessment Template
  • Specially designed ESAO patient leaflets – with key info on aesthetic orthodontics
  • Substantial discounts & priority booking on ESAO Courses
  • Discounts for local ESAO Study Clubs
  • Occasional discounts/bonus webinars from ESAO Partners
  • Option to upgrade to Full membership for additional privileges (see below)

Associate Membership (standard membership level)

ESAO membership offers you multiple benefits, both personally and commercially. You’ll become a part of an officially recognised professional representative body for dentists who carry out aesthetically-focused orthodontic treatments, as well as gaining access to support, resources and information to maximise your aesthetic orthodontic expertise and confidence.

Upgrade to Full Membership (advanced membership level)

All members are offered the opportunity to upgrade to Full membership by completing the ESAO Online Foundation Course (£150), a series of 5 invaluable lectures on key topics including: orthodontic assessment – records & consent – TMJ & occlusion – limitations & referral. (If you completed the ESAO Inaugural Course, you will automatically be upgraded to Full membership when you join).

Upon successful completion of the course, which includes a multiple choice exam, members will be upgraded to enjoy 3 additional privileges:

  • Use of the ESAO Full Member logo for your practice: A symbol of reassurance, the logo confirms that you have received instruction and information reflecting the ethical standards of the ESAO – this will differentiate you from other providers.
  • Listing on the ESAO Online Dentist Locator: Enabling patients to find ESAO-approved dentists quickly and easily, this tool forms part of our patient-facing website, which will be promoted strongly during 2015.
  • Continuous access to ESAO Inaugural Course videos & leaflets – plus additional content
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