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The European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics (ESAO) was established in 2013 to provide resources and support to GDPs who practice aesthetic orthodontics, as well as offering information and guidance for patients.
The ESAO aims to raise standards in aesthetic orthodontic provision by general dentists by improving their core orthodontic knowledge, in addition to raising public awareness of aesthetic orthodontics as a valid alternative to invasive and potentially damaging restorative techniques.
As a non-profit and truly independent organisation, the ESAO is committed to promoting safe and ethical treatment in aesthetic orthodontics whilst providing a firm, unbiased platform for education and training. As part of this commitment, the ESAO offers aesthetic orthodontic courses and online resources designed to ensure that GDPs are fully updated on the latest developments in this field.

ESAO Board 22.09.15


“Over the last 5 years there has been an explosion in the number of patients being treated by general dentists with fixed and removable appliances in the UK to resolve anterior tooth mal alignment issues to improve the aesthetics and symmetry of their smiles.

Comprehensive orthodontics is the gold standard of orthodontic care but sadly, many adult patients in the UK have declined this level of care due to the length of the treatment, its cost or the appearance of the appliances. For these patients the alternatives are aggressive tooth preparations for ceramic restoration to align the teeth or to just ‘accept’ their smiles as they are. An alternative has been the use of orthodontic appliances for a shorter timeframe focusing on the symmetry and alignment of the anterior teeth only (commonly termed ‘Short term orthodontics’), which has been far more acceptable for many adult patients. As dental professionals one can only welcome this alternative to heavily prepared ceramic restorations since short-term orthodontics is a minimally invasive approach to improving smiles which will have minimal long effects on the biomechanical properties of our patients teeth.

A general dentist is well suited to offer this limited form of simple orthodontic treatment since the orthodontic realignment facilitates the delivery of aesthetic dental procedures such as whitening , bonding and minimal preparation veneers ,either direct or indirect, and the general dentist has a good overall concept of smile design.

The training provision for general dentists undertaking Short term orthodontics in the UK has been very much led by the companies which manufacture the orthodontic appliances and teach the dentists to be proficient on the mechanics of the appliances. The basic orthodontic assessments and treatment planning in many cases is undertaken by a third party which has raised concerns amongst many specialist orthodontist colleagues. The ESAO was formed out of necessity to raise the standards of Short term orthodontic provision by general dentists by improving a dentist’s core orthodontic knowledge and to also to promote aesthetically focused orthodontics as a valid treatment option to the dental profession and the wider general public.

I am pleased to welcome you to the ESAO and hope you become a member of this important society especially if you are a general dentist providing aesthetically focused short term orthodontics.”

Dr Anoop Maini BDS(Lond)DGDP(UK) – Co-founder & Immediate Past President, ESAO

“I am pleased to welcome you to the ESAO website as the Scientific Director of the Society. I am extremely honoured to be involved in this project and to be working along such influential GDP’s in the field. I have been in charge of organising our Inaugural Foundation Course and hope you will find the course informative and helpful in your every day practice as it was designed with this in mind. Our aim is to reinforce the fundamental knowledge required for diagnosis and treatment planning, to highlight the importance of presenting patients all treatment options, having a valid consent and understanding the limitations of STO. We will also provide you with useful
forms and tables to ensure that you practice STO in a safe and ethical way.

Thank you for taking part in this exciting event!”

Raha Sepehrara – Scientific Director, ESAO